How the NCAA Football Satellite Ban Hurts Athletes

By April 28, 2016News
Ernie Sims Blog - How The NCAA Football Satellite Ban Hurts Athletes

The recent ban on NCAA satellite football camps has been received with mixed emotions from coaches and athletes. While a 4 or 5 star athlete will likely be regionally or nationally known, the red and white chip athletes are the players ultimately being punished. Schools that are not a part of the Power 5 are also potentially loosing as they are no longer able to attend the satellite camps put on by larger, financially backed schools.

Numerous social media posts across the internet quote players who state they would not have received specific offers had it not been for satellite camps.

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There is also a shared sentiment that players, whose families are economically challenged, have little to no options to increase exposure.

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Increased exposure leads to additional offers and gives red and white chip recruits opportunities that they otherwise may not have had.

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The shocking stat revealed the vote was 82% against satellite camps. It is believed that Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of Michigan, brought this to the forefront due to his perceived brashness in the location selection of his satellite camps.

In the end, who won and who lost?

Big HITS Performance, a training facility specializing in sports training for youth, collegiate, adult and professional athletes, is led by former FSU Seminole football standout, Ernie Sims III. Big HITS initially recognized the need for additional exposure for local Tallahassee football recruits. Now, more than ever, the Big HITS 7 vs 7 All-Stars are helping to increase the exposure that would have otherwise been negated by the recent NCAA satellite camp ban, particularly as the senior team recently qualified for the IMG National 7 vs 7 Championship. The Big HITS All-Stars are the only Tallahassee team to qualify and will look to hoist the trophy in Bradenton, Florida on June 24th-26th.

Built around former NFL pro, Ernie Sims III, mission of “Helping Instill Tools for Success,” Big HITS encourages and positively impacts males, ages 11-19 on and off the field. The goal is to develop high character and moral standards, instill tools for success, a sense of competitiveness, and a respect for authority while driving service to others.

Big HITS player development program offers a great recruiting edge for up and coming collegiate prospects. Over 40 players and 2 teams participate in elite tournaments and additional training at Big HITS Performance. Their 7 vs 7 program includes sports performance training packages, custom apparel, and recruiting exposure.

Big H.I.T.S. is also providing additional exposure though their College Bus Tour. The tour will provide high school football players the opportunity to attend 4 camps, which include Auburn University, the University of Louisville, the University of Florida, and the Sound Mind Sound Body camp. Additional visits will include Florida State University, the University of Tennessee, and the University of South Florida. This amazing exposure opportunity will run from June 6th – June 12th.  For an athlete to participate they must meet the minimum required GPA of 2.5.

With 100’s of college coaches likely to be present, Ernie Sims and the Big HITS of coaches and trainers are leaders in driving exposure of Tallahassee’s local high school football players.