“The imprint of a father, remains forever on the life of the child.”

Fathers Day Blog "The Imprint of a fatheer" Photo

Of the many achievements and opportunities I have had in my life, there is perhaps none greater or one that I am more proud of than being blessed with being a father. My sons are not only one of my biggest inspirations but also the reason my wife and I chose to return to Tallahassee and raise our family upon my retirement from the NFL.

I strive every day to inspire and motivate my two young boys to be strong, smart and disciplined individuals.

That is also the mission of Big HITS, HITS stands for Helping Instill Tools for Success, success not only in your physical fitness but success in your personal and family life. Teaching our children to build a healthy mind and healthy body and being a role model through our own health and wellness is a critical role as a father.

Every day I see fathers come into the gym and support their children by watching them train, cheering them on and supporting them through the good days and bad.

My father taught me what a loving and caring husband, friend and parent looked like. He provided me the foundation to build my own strong and family. He taught me that consistency and determination would take me a long way not only in my career but in various areas of my life and in helping me achieve my personal goals.

Now, I hope to not only provide the same for my sons but to help other fathers throughout our community do the same with their families.

As a thank you to all the fathers out there I want to invite you to come join us at Big HITS Performance this weekend for a free Thrive training class on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Come start your fitness journey and build a healthy mind and healthy body not only for you but for your entire family!

Happy Father’s Day!