Florida State Seminoles Drafted and Signed on UDFA’s Contracts

By May 1, 2016News
Ernie Sims Blog - FSU Draft
Photo: Stacey Revere/Getty Images

FSU had a surprisingly small number of players drafted this year with only two ‘Noles being drafted. Six separate players have since signed UDFA contracts or have been invited to an NFL team’s rookie camp.

Ernie Sims and the Big HITS Team want to congratulate all of the former ‘Noles and wish them luck on the next step of their journey.

Jalen Ramsey, CB, 5th overall selection (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Roberto Aguayo, K, 59th overall selection (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Nile Lawrence-Stample, Defensive Tackle

UDFA with Cleveland Browns

At 6-foot-1, 302 pounds, Lawrence-Stample was a brick wall versus the run, finishing with a run-stop percentage of 11.9 (fourth-best score among all interior defenders in draft class, according to Pro Football Focus).


Terrance Smith, Linebacker

UDFA with Kansas City Chiefs

Fighting through in injuries most of his collegiate career, he was at one point believed to be a mid-round pick. Worth noting is that KC did not draft a linebacker and at 6-foot-1, and 220 pounds, Smith could make his mark on special teams.


Lamarcus Brutus, Safety

UDFA with Tennessee Titans

Described as an “Old School” type of player by Jimbo Fisher, Brutus’s best change of taking a roster spot will be through special teams.


Giorgio Newberry

UDFA with Pittsburgh Steelers

As a fifth-year senior. The 6-foot-6, 295-pounder, carved out his niche as a solid interior rush option for obvious passing situations.


Reggie Northrup, Linebacker

UDFA with Washington Redskins

Talling 272 tackles in 54 career games would normal catch attention of NFL scouts but size issues lead to Northup going undrafted. He was best known by FSU fans for his robot dance.


Javien Elliott, Defensive Back

Tryout player with Pittsburgh Steelers

Javien walked-on at FSU in 2014 and will have a similar battle as he has earned a tryout with the Steelers. Elliott ran a 4.41 40 yard dash at the FSU’s Pro Day.